Candle Testing Day

Hi Everyone, 

Today we are testing out some wicks and scents for a large 3 wick candle which will hold a whopping 640g of wax! 

We are very excited and can't wait to update you on the progress. The scent we are testing in the 3 wick today is Lis d'Ambre, it has citrus top notes that lead into a beautiful floral heart of Jasmine, Lily, Patchouli and Vetiver, all coming to rest on a musky bed of Amber and Sandal.

As you can see in the photograph there are no wicks in the candle while we wait for it to cure, once it has cured we will add wicks and burn for a couple of hours. This way, If the wicks aren't performing the way we want them too we can simply pull them out and change the wick type.

Keep your eyes open for further updates right here!

Have a nice day,


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