Winter Collection

Hi Everyone,

It is been a while since my last update, we thought it was best we did another post. We have been really busy trying to improve our products and especially the aesthetic's. We have designed new labels for all of our stock, they are much more colourful and give a real sense of what the particular scent is about. 

As well as changing the product packing, we have also changed a lot of our stock. We decided to cut down on the stock we make to provide a better service and a higher quality product. We have changed our glass supplier and added a much more colourful range, especially for our winter collection. We have now added real oak and timber lids which are finished with our personalised waxed seals. The best thing is, all of these changes and we are able to offer you a cheaper product than before, and a much better one at that!

Our reed diffusers have also changed, they were looking dated and we wanted to give you something a little more special. They were 100ml but we have now added an extra 100ml to that, offering you a longer lasting product. As well as changing the look to our candles, we have also changed the labeling on our diffuser's, again giving them a much more colourful look!

We have also gone eco friendly with our wax melts. Previously we offered them in a plastic clam shell, however we have been wanting to go plastic free and we eventually found some fantastic paper tin-tie bags which hold the scent and in our eyes, look much better. 

We have also been approached by a label manufacturer about the possibility of vegan friendly labels, although we are not quite sure what the difference is at the moment? We will update on this once we have further details. 

We are so so so busy at the moment and we are also so thankful for all of the support from our wonderful customers who shop with us week in, week out! Without you all, we would be where we are today. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (if I don't speak to you beforehand) and don't forget to get your Christmas candles, melts and diffuser's right here!


All the best,

Josh x

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