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T & J Scents®

Drum Stick | Wax Melt's Pot

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Our Drum Stick is a rich cool raspberry fragrance smothered in strawberry jam with hints of vanilla.

Our wax melt pot are a new addition to our store. They are 100% recycled  plastic and filled with 25g of creamy, highly scented wax. 

  • Handmade with Soy Wax
  • Hand Poured in Audley, UK.
  • Approx 25g

How to use your T & J Scents wax melt pot

Simply pop it in a wax melt burner, sit back and relax! Keep remelting the wax until the scent is gone or until you fancy a change, at which point just soak up the used wax with a tissue/cotton ball and replace with another!


Contains: DELTA-DAMASCONE, ETHYL METHYLPHENYLGLYCIDATE. May produce an allergic reaction. Safety data sheet available on request.