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T & J Scents®

Carpet Freshener

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Our carpet freshener comes in biodegradable packs which are safe for the environment. We use a powdery base combined with the finest oils to produce a stunning aroma.

How to use:

Please Note:

We recommend testing a small hidden area of carpet first before use and not using excessive amounts as this could damage your vacuums/hoover. We would recommend only using shake and vac with bagged vacuum hoovers as fine powders can clog filters, if you are using a filter hoover, please check the filters regularly and empty the dust filters. Use in a well ventilated room, we recommend popping open a window. Keep this product well away from Children and Pets. Avoid breathing the powder in and definitely do not consume. T & J Scents can not take responsibility for any damage caused by using carpet freshener products.

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