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Choose from 5 VIP package. Our 'Exclusive Saving Programme', 'Lite' (most popular option), 'Deluxe', 'Candle' or 'Platinum' if you are a huge T & J Scents fan!

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Each month receive a selection of brand new or trending scents through the door before anyone else.

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You are free to pause, skip or cancel your subscription box at anytime after your first renewal date.

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Access to the newest products

You will have earlier access to our new products & new scents launch before public.

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Earn 1000 T & J Scents Points every 6 months of being a member! (Excluding 'Exclusive Saving Programme')
*Not included when subscription is paused

Permanent Discounts

You will have permanent discounts across all products on T & J Scents website

Find a Golden Wax Melt and WIN a prize!

Each month, 1 lucky VIP Member will find a Golden Wax Melt in their box, If this is you, contact us with the code on your wax melt to win a prize!

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A brand new scents has been designed and poured - we can't wait to send them to you!









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If you have missed out or would like to buy more from a previous month. Go and visit our Limited Edition wax melts page. They will remain there until gone! Grab them now!

Limited Edition Wax Melts

Your favourite T & J Scents VIP wax melts will be in our Limited Edition Wax Melts. Grab them before gone!

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Latest Reviews


I recieved VIP and I really do like all but wow scent is Cassie & Fig, I will order more if you have more stock left.

Elaine W
Milton Keynes, UK

Ooh recieved my VIP member today. And all scents is amazing. Tonight I put Cashmere Spruce. Oooooh my god, the smell so amazing. Love it. Nice and relax evening. Thank you for amazing scents this month.

Scott W
Milton Keynes, UK


The 1st of each month.

Just sign into your account and navigate to 'manage subscriptions' you'll be able to pause or cancel from there.
Please remember, you are only able to cancel your membership after your first renewal date.

If any issue, please contact us

Once renewal has been processed we're unable to cancel this and refund it before the boxes are dispatched due to how the subscription system works.

The cut-off date for this month box is the 15th. If you subscribe before the 15th you'll receive this month box, if you subscribe afterwards then you'll receive the next month box.

For example - if you subscribed on the 20th April then you'll receive your first box in the second week of May and won't be billed again until 1st June.

Our subscription boxes are all sent out around the middle of each month, so you'll receive it shortly after then

Our VIP bonus points are added towards the end of each month. You will receive an email when they've been added to your account.

If your checkout had problem with discount code. Please contact us and we will sort out as soon as possible.